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Along with its ultra-slim profile, substantial output capability and smooth frequency response over the full vocal range, the KJ50vb has the unique capability to switch-select the Horizontal coverage pattern and to vary the Vertical coverage through DSP control. The KJ50vb is specifically designed to work with the K-array KA7-7 four- channel power amplifier. 
The KA7-7 provides the discrete pre-set DSP control settings for speaker protection, equalization and the vertical beamwidth and steering capabilities. The KJ50vb speaker system is capable of operating with other power amplifiers and DSP control systems.
Selectable horizontal coverage
Variable vertical coverage from external DSP control
Multiple 2" long excursion full-range drivers
Ultra strong steel shell
Weather proof, suitable for outdoor installations- IP54

Theatrical sound reinforcement
Concert halls, clubs, and houses of worship
Installed audio-visual systems
Cinema surround sound and effects


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